Julian Malone - Give a Eff

Artist: Julian Malone

Producer: Julian Malone

Album: Diff.rnt

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Can you honestly claim not to Give a Eff, when you give enough of an eff not to spell out the word “f*ck?” (I realize the irony of what I did there, but I had to make it past the profanity filter.) Though interesting, the question is ultimately an academic one. After listening to Julian Malone‘s debut solo feature I can state with confidence that, while plenty of ‘f*ck‘s are said, not a solitary one is given over the course of the record’s running time. Previously featured as a member of Calez and Fonz-E-Mak, the Stone’s Throw signee officially comes into his own with this newly-released mixtape cut, which sees him outlining his cynical worldview over his own low-key, headphone-ready loops. Feeling it? Then stay tuned for more fresh material leading up to the currently-unscheduled arrival of Malone’s forthcoming street album, Diffe.rnt.

Julian Malone Indie

Written by on Jan 16, 2013

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