Phireworx Entertainment
Position of Power (Street Album)

Juice is out to put Phoenix on the map. The 25-year-old believes wholeheartedly that he is the next big thing, and he isn’t going to let anyone tell him otherwise. His new song, My Time (What If), is full of confident boasts and self-made comparisons to the legends. Being the next Nas isn’t good enough for him; he needs to be the next Dre too. Featuring a hyped-up delivery and a deliberate flow, the recent Black Wall Street signee is probably his own biggest fan. While some musicians might cringe at his immodesty, bigheadedness is a fundamental qualification for any successful rapper. Phireworx Entertainment lends a thunderous, pitch-shifting beat, with earsplitting gunshots and MySpace call-outs completing the whole picture. My Time will appear on the street album Position of Power, set to be released later this summer.


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Posted 7 years ago

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