Juelz Santana ft. Yelawolf - Mixing up the Medicine

Artist: Juelz Santana

Featuring: Yelawolf

Producer: Kane Beatz

Album: Born to Lose, Built to Win

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 38 votes )


Feeling a little under the weather? The latest street single off Juelz Santana‘s long-awaited third full-length album finds the Dipset emcee hard at work in his basement laboratory, Mixing Up the Medicine that’ll cure what ails you – or, at the very least, get your head nodding. With a hook cribbed from the opening lines of Bob Dylan’s ‘65 classic, Subterranean Homesick Blues (here performed by I Wish rapper Yelawolf) and a twangy, one-chord instrumental by Kane Beatz, this bass-booming jam is an oddball blend of rap and folk that, stranger still, comes together bangingly (yeah, yeah, that’s not a real word). Santana turns in an impressive performance on the mic, trading lines with a few young fans on the front end before launching into three verses’ worth of swagger-drenched braggadocio. So, Booth readers, is this track the shot of penicillin the game needs? If you think so, stay tuned for further details on Santana’s Born to Lose, Built to Win LP, which has yet to receive a solid release date from the label brass.

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Written by on Oct 20, 2009

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