JP Cooper - Keep the Quiet Out

Artist: JP Cooper

Producer: The Confect

Album: Keep the Quiet Out EP

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Ever get freaked out by silence, and turn on some music just to Keep the Quiet Out? Then you probably don’t live in Brooklyn, or any other city of comparable density. Regardless, you’ll find that Booth newcomer JP Cooper‘s latest single, the title track off a newly-released EP, is the perfect solution to your troubles. More than a simple substitute for stillness, though, it’s a quality record in its own right. Production collective The Confect sets the mood on this pensive ballad, mixing piano, strings and ghostly synths as the Island Records singer/songwriter pines for a woman who’s far away. Fans can find Quiet and much more on the Manchester native’s EP of the same name, available now in stores and online.

JP Cooper R&B/Pop

Written by on 07/31/14

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Island Records

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Closer" (2015)

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JP Cooper


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