Jones Andrews - Lifetime Memories

Artist: Jones Andrews

Producer: Moody So Fly

Album: 32 Tuesdays

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I don’t know what they’re putting in the water in North Carolina but after year of flying under the radar the First in Flight state has been turning out dope music like UNC turns out NBA players. Hoping to add his name to the list of rising NC rappers is Jones Andrews who, after 32 straight weeks of releases on our sister site RefinedHype, is finally making his Booth debut with new single Lifetime Memories. While I can’t say for sure, I’m confident that this is the first time in hip-hop history a producer has flipped a sample of country music hit What Hurts the Most, which I suppose would make producer Moody So Fly the Wright Brothers of Rascall Flatts samples. Taking that emotional backdrop and running with it is Andrews, who displays some real lyrical dexterity in describing a relationship that was so good, until it went all wrong. Sometimes you just have to make the song cry. If you find yourself wanting to hear more songs from Andrews, like say 31 more, you’re in luck. Compilation mixtape 32 Tuesdays is set to drop via RefinedHype on April 26.

Jones Andrews

Written by on 04/20/11

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"All Alone" (2011)

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1 Songs

Jones Andrews

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