Jonathas - No Rubber

Artist: Jonathas

Producer: Shawn Dell [for Action Figures]

Album: Numb EP

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Written in Stone singer Jonathas is willing to do just about whatever his girl likes in the sexual arena—the position, the pace and the location are all up for grabs. He has just one request: he wants to do it with No Rubber. Released in honor of Valentine’s Day, this freshly-selected EP single sees the unsigned crooner rhapsodizing about the pleasure of raw-dogging it over a leisurely, synth-driven instrumental by Action Figures beatsmith Shawn Dell. The finished product is so catchy I almost want to give the man a pass on practicing unsafe sex. Let’s just assume he left out the part where he got a vasectomy and had both himself and his partner tested for STDs. In any case, fans can find No Rubber and much more where it came from on Jonathas’ Numb EP, available online as of October.

Jonathas R&B/PopIndie

Written by on 02/12/13

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