John Brown - Sex on My Money

Artist: John Brown

Featuring: Gucci Mane

Producer: Eric Hudson

Album: Untitled (TBD Debut)

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What’s that? Your two favorite things in the world are sex and money? And you can’t think of anything better than having sex while swimming through piles of cash Scrooge McDuck style? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. In fact, John Brown’s chosen to make his new single Sex on My Money all about…well, you already know. With producer Eric Hudson setting the stage with some standard babymaker pounding drums and soaring synths, Brown gets right down to business, dripping the record with honey sweet pleas to his lady to empty our their bank accounts and fill up their beds, sentiments that Gucci Mane endorses in a typically slow-tongued guest verse. While your cash would undoubtedly depreciate after a sweaty session of lovemaking, there’s no denying that sex and money are two great tastes that taste great together. Fans of both microeconomics and sexy r&b will have to wait for Brown’s upcoming album to receive both a release date and title, but Sex on My Money will be available for purchase on iTunes starting September 21.

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Written by on 09/9/10

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