To date, all of the Booth-featured Control responses have come courtesy of Kendrick‘s elders in the game. And for good reason—few rappers under 20 can plausibly claim to be in his weight class. If there’s one young’n who can put up a fight, though, it’s 18-year-old B.K. wunderkind Joey BadA$$. On Killuminati Pt. 2, the Pro.Era ringleader responds to K. Dot’s “King of New York” effrontery by encroaching on his territory. Implicitly placing himself alongside the late West Coast legend, Joey cribs a few lines from 2Pac‘s Hail Mary on the intro and outro: “Killuminati all through your body / Like a 12 gauge shotty.” Beatsmith Knxwledge provides a dreamy, flute-sampled instrumental to accompany the emcee’s bars. While Killuminati Pt. 2 is just a loosie, those craving more densely-packed verses and throwback beats are encouraged to check out Joey BadA$$‘s latest street album, Summer Knights.

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