Joell Ortiz - Latino

Artist: Joell Ortiz

Producer: The Mighty V.I.C.

Album: The Brick (Bodega Chronicles)

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Brooklyn native Joell Ortiz returns to drop the latest single from his critically-acclaimed album, The Brick (Bodega Chronicles).  The song, Latino, (featuring background vocals from newcomer La Bruja) is a salute to his neighborhood and community’s way of life.  Ortiz once again demonstrates his knack for the art of storytelling, detailing his Latino community’s daily rituals, pastimes and trends, including even the most dangerous drug dealers and gang bangers.  Complemented perfectly by an eerie beat from The Mighty V.I.C., Latino, although not expected to get very much radio airplay, should nonetheless be heard in every Latino hip-hop aficionado’s CD player or iPod.

Joell Ortiz

Written by on Jul 11, 2007

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