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In addition to the many label problems that rapper Jody Breeze has experienced over the past few years (he is currently unsigned), the A-Town rapper has also had his fair share of Weekend Girl troubles.  Like so many other men his age, Breeze is tired of having to explain to his girlfriend that there isn’t another woman ready to roll once Friday night rolls around.  Sharing similar stories about untrustworthy ex’s and ideal chicks are veteran Trick Daddy and fellow Boyz In Da Hood member, Big Duke.  Finally, to tie-up the ‘weekend girl’ concept is production wiz and hook singer, Jazze Pha, who also signed Breeze to his first label deal at Sho’Nuff; the same label that never released the rapper’s permanently-shelved debut, A Day In The Life.  Go figure.

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Posted 7 years ago

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