Jim Jones ft. Max B & Dame Dash - Harlem’s American Gangster

Artist: Jim Jones

Featuring: Max B

Producer: The Runners

Album: Harlem’s American Gangster Mixtape

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 25 votes )


Dame Dash opens Jim Jones’ new Jay-Z diss track, Harlem’s American Gangster, by stating how amusing he finds “N*ggas who want to be like Harlem N*ggas.”  More amusing, however, is a joint effort that attempts to steal the thunder away from Mr. Carter mere days before the major release of his highly-anticipated American Gangster album.  While it is well known that Dash and Carter haven’t been friendly since the ‘death of the dynasty’ and Jones has maintained an extremely silly beef with his New York neighbor, the song does its duty.  Instead of forgetting about Jones’ like a one hit wonder member of the Diplomats, the industry is reminded that Capo is here to stay.

Jim JonesMax B

Written by on Nov 04, 2007

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