Jeremy Thurber - I Love You But

Artist: Jeremy Thurber

Producer: The Youngboyz

Album: I Love You But (Single)

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 22 votes )


Like Stuck with Each Other (also featured today), San Diego singer/songwriter Jeremy Thurber‘s new single addresses the temptation to cut one’s losses and leave when a relationship hits stormy seas.  In contrast to Shontelle‘s ironclad commitment, however, the Booth newcomer’s resolve to see things through isn’t quite so strong, and he elects to walk away rather than staying in a relationship that forces him to say, “I Love You But...”  Though the message is hard to swallow, the singer’s earnest vocals and The Youngboyz’ mellow keyboard-and-handclap production are sweet enough to make it go down a little easier.  I Love You But poses an interesting question: is it better to hang on to the bitter end a la Shontelle, or to say goodbye when your gut says it isn’t going to work out?  As always, our readers get the final say.

Jeremy Thurber

Written by on Jan 21, 2009

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