Jeff Chery - Hold Me Down

Artist: Jeff Chery

Producer: L&X Music

Album: Unreleased

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Jeff Chery is a longtime Booth favorite—his last appearance was in July, with No Pressure—and on Hold Me Down, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, he reminds listeners why. Chery’s blunted, raspy and almost pained flow has a unique, bluesy vibe. So, too, do his verses, in which he confesses to having some “skeletons in [his] closet” and discusses losing a childhood homie. L&X Music’s production might be soul-sampled, but its enigmatic vibe meshes well with Chery’s vulnerable rhymes. Hold Me Down is not slated to appear on Chery’s forthcoming project with DJ Esco and DJ Dynamite, Vagatalk (due out in the spring), but surely more dopeness awaits…

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Written by on Nov 19, 2013

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