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Artist: Jaymes Wolff

Producer: Jaymes Wolff

Album: Hearts x Pistols

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My only experience to date at a casino ended very well. Despite never seriously playing poker, I actually won some coin playing Texas Hold ‘Em, and I managed not to lose it all later when I stepped up to the blackjack table. My second experience with a Casino comes courtesy of Jaymes Wolff, whose latest single has provided me with a just-as-enjoyable moment. Knowing his own sound best, Wolff mans his own boards, crafting a soft-spoken, piano reliant instrumental, which adds a mysterious vibe to the song while still complimenting Wolff’s stellar vocal performance. Jaymes captivates with his fluttering, versatile vocals as he shares his thoughts on the perils of being a rising star, including not being able to tell if people (mainly the ladies) are genuine or just after his fame and fortune. If you find Casino to be a winner, I am willing to bet it all that you will also enjoy Heart x Pistols EP, available for free via his website.

Update: Click “Watch Video” above or scroll down (for mobile) to view Jaymes Wolff’s Chop N Shoot Films-directed Casino visual.

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Written by Lucas G. on 08/2/13

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