Jay-Z - Dead Presidents III

Artist: Jay Z

Producer: Young Guru

Album: Presidential Invasion Mixtape

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 33 votes )


When Jay-Z released The Black Album in November of 2003 the final master contained fourteen tracks.  That ultimate total was narrowed down from a much higher number, most of which are sitting nicely in Jay’s gigantic catalog.  You think 2pac has a sick catalog?  Allow us to introduce you to Mr. Carter.  Straight off Big Mike’s new mixtape, Presidential Invasion, DJ Green Lantern uses a brand new beat from Young Guru (reminiscent of production work from Jay’s debut, Reasonable Doubt) and unused vocals from the never-before-heard cut, Dead Presidents III.  While the record is only 1:27, it reaffirms that Jay doesn’t need a pen or paper to create music; just a mic and his brain.

Jay Z

Written by on Nov 28, 2007

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