Jay Saint - Fade

Artist: Jay Saint

Producer: Roman Bender

Album: DrangonFLY

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In the ever-moving music industry, there is always a steady stream of new talent that is ready and waiting to be discovered. It’s great for your friends here at The DJBooth, but if you are an artist you essentially have to release quality material at a pretty quick clip or you risk getting lost in the hyper-shuffle. Presenting an alternative theory is unsigned singer Jay Saint. Although his last feature on our digital pages was just a little less than two years ago, Saint proves that no matter how long he stays away, great talent doesn’t Fade. On his latest single the Jersey native’s fiery, heartfelt vocals show no rust. Atop the clouded, shimmering work of German producer Roman Bender, Saint croons a tale about a relationship that looks to be on it’s last legs. What separates Fade from the standard affair break-up cut, however, is the passion and emotion in Saint’s voice; you actually believe he is going through this emotional turmoil, which makes listeners invested in the outcome. Luckily, we won’t have to wait another two years, as Jay’s DragonFLY tape is due out in the fall.

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Written by Lucas G. on 07/12/13

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"Good Feeling" (2011)

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Jay Saint


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