Jay Dot Rain - We Livin (Remix)

Artist: Jay Dot Rain

Featuring: Big Sant

Producer: John Quest & DJ BreakEm Off

Album: Flyer Than Most EP

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 4 votes )


Considering the struggle-filled circumstances in which he came up, Alabaman rhymesayer Jay Dot Rain is happy simply to be breathing. Which isn’t to say he’s satisfied with his lot in life; on We Livin (Remix), his debut DJBooth feature, he states his intent to hustle his way to the apex of the rap game, and put his whole team on in the process. John Quest and DJ BreakEm Off‘s leisurely, sax-laced street boardwork backs the headliner as he fills listeners in on his autobiography, and charts a course to future greatness. Newly-added for the remix, Mississippi natives Moe D and Big Sant and ATLien TheCoolisMac tie the cut together with aspirational guest verses. Feeling it? You’ll be able to find We Livin’ (Remix) and many more Southern bangers on the artist’s Flyer Than Most EP, dropping digitally in July.

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Written by on 06/21/13

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Jay Dot Rain
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