Jagged Edge - She Flows Through My Veins

Artist: Jagged Edge

Producer: Jim Jonsin

Album: The Remedy

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 11 votes )


Though band member Kyle Foster has called Jagged Edge‘s forthcoming full-length “a new birth” for the veteran crew, devotees were pleased to find that lead single Baby was more of the classic R&B balladry they’d come to know and love. Follow-up She Flows Through My Veins follows a similar trend, with the foursome expressing their undying devotion to a special girl (or girls?) over the smooth boardwork of Jim Jonsin. If you’re digging it, be sure to check out The Remedy, Jagged Edge’s first full-length since 2007’s Baby Makin’ Project, when it drops June 21.

Jagged Edge R&B/PopHitmaker

Written by on Jun 08, 2011

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