JacK Magma - Cat Gotcha Tongue

Artist: JacK Magma

Producer: JacK Magma

Album: An Electric Purple EP

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OK, raise your hand if you saw the title of JacK Magma‘s first Booth feature, along with the salacious cover art, and assumed you were in for a song about oral sex. (You can’t see me, but my hand is up.) In reality, “Cat Gotcha Tongue” simply refers to being at a loss for words—which happens to be a likely reaction to the record itself. Though the artist’s breathy vocals and romantically wounded lyrics aren’t out the ordinary, the production is another story. A chaotic patchwork of synths, music-box, bells, exotic percussion, Chipmunk-pitched voices, diabolical laughter and other harder-to-identify sampled snippets, the instrumental threatens to overwhelm the melody at times. The overall effect, however, is strangely ear-pleasing. You get the final call: has JacK Magma’s aural experimentation paid off? If your interest’s piqued, stay tuned for more innovative song releases leading up to the 2013 arrival of the artist’s debut project, the An Electric Purple EP.

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Written by on 12/12/12

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"SuperPowers" (2013)

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