J-Kwon - 314

Artist: J-Kwon

Producer: J-Kwon

Album: Man In Da Mirror

Avg Rating: 21021 2.9 ( 21 votes )


No musician wants to leave a label, and if they do they want it to be on their own terms.  In rapper J-Kwon‘s case however, getting dropped from Jive Records has been a blessing in disguise; his newfound independence will give the St. Louis-native a platform to take charge of his career.  To help complement the hit potential of Boo Boo (Holding Me Down), the 21-year old MC/label boss/songwriter/producer gives a shout out to his home city with the area code reppin’, 314.  Although his verses sound swagger-jacked from Lil’ Wayne, right down to the “ya dig’s,” Kwon shines on the production side and that should make 314 a sure-shot-spinner at the club.  It’s got to feel good not to need that fake ID anymore…


Written by on Jan 03, 2008

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