J. Holiday - Suffocate

Artist: J. Holiday

Producer: The Underdogs

Album: Back Of My Lac

Avg Rating: 43210 4.6 ( 79 votes )


By now it is obvious that R&B singers become short of breathe when meeting women (see Mario).  Me, personally, I don’t like to stop breathing when I encounter a beautiful female; they don’t like their men dead.  On the new record, Suffocate, singer J. Holiday details his inhale/exhale problems.  Produced by The Underdogs, who have worked with Marques Houston and Tyrese to name a few, the record has a mid-tempo vibe but feels very recycled.  Interesting how Holiday admits his breathing issue after he gets his women to Bed.  His debut album, Back Of My Lac, drops on October 2nd.

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Written by on Aug 27, 2007

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