Izza Kizza ft. Colin Munroe - Connect The Dots

Artist: Izza Kizza

Featuring: Colin Munroe

Producer: Koolaide

Album: The Wizard of Iz Mixtape

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 18 votes )


After a few listens to Izza Kizza‘s Connect the Dots, I’m beginning to think the mixtape cut’s title was meant as a challenge; delivering a relentless stream of deadpan punchlines peppered with whacked-out tangents like “Astronauts never knew gravity like this/ My appetizer sits upon a satellite dish/ My entrée—bombs away!” the emcee seems dead set on defying interpretation.  In any case, the ATL native can toss a mean word salad, and his monotone delivery meshes well with the spacey feel of frequent collaborator Koolaide‘s lurching, synth-heavy instrumental.  Complete with a catchy hook by Booth-acclaimed singer-songwriter Colin Munroe, this record will be music to the ears of listeners willing to go with its free-association flow; if you fall into that camp, simply follow the yellow brick road—I mean, grab a copy of Kizza’s The Wizard of Iz mixtape, which is set to deliver plenty more left-of-center bangers when it hits the ‘net this Wednesday.

Izza KizzaColin Munroe

Written by on Apr 27, 2009

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