Isaac Reid - Shinin

Artist: Isaac Reid

Producer: Trakksounds, Albie Dickson

Album: Test Of Time

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If you lived in NYC during the 80’s or 90’s, you may be familiar with the Smooth Jazz of CD 101.9. While it’s doubtful that producers Trakksounds and Albie Dickson listened to the station during their early years in Texas, their work on Isaac Reid‘s new single, Shinin, suggests otherwise. With a tunnel vision set on sold out arenas and his craft, Reid has finally graduated from grinding to shining on hip-hop’s career ladder. Now he’s using his twang infused, steady flow to tell personal stories that involve Garcia Vegas and flights around the world. Shinin will live on Issac’s upcoming project, Test Of Time, which is due out on April 24. Have a seat and enjoy, as this Southerner continues to write his Cinderella story.

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Written by on Apr 17, 2014

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