India.Arie - This Love

Artist: India.Arie

Producer: India.Arie and Shannon Sanders

Album: Songversation

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Ever have that kind of love for a song that’s fleeting, to say the least? You know, the kind where you think it’s the greatest song in the world, you tell everyone you’ve ever met about it and you play it on repeat for a short while, but then it gets lost in the abyss of your music library? That isn’t the type of love you will have for India.Arie’s latest effort, This Love. On the contrary, I predict you’ll have this song in steady rotation for a long, long period of time. Atop a feathery, minimal beat from the artist herself and co-producer Shannon Sanders, which is driven by a soulful vocal sample, Arie impresses with an understated yet fluttering vocal performance that is very easy on the ears. If you desire more where this came from, be sure to support Arie’s upcoming album, Songversation, when it hits record stores and online retailers next week via Motown.

India.Arie R&B/PopHitmaker

Written by on Jun 19, 2013

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