Idasa Tariq - Over Time

Artist: Idasa Tariq

Producer: Idasa Tariq

Album: No More Minimum Wage

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If life were fair, Idasa Tariq would be earning time-and-a-half for all the Over Time hours he pours into his music on top of his nine-to-five grind. As it is, the Pittsburgh-based, Binghamton, N.Y.-raised emcee can only keep hustling in hopes that his bars and rhymes will someday free him from ever having to clock in again. On this freshly-released mixtape single Tariq’s own quietly determined sample work sets the mood as the artist expresses his faith that his impending success in the game will make all the drudgery worthwhile: “I’m certain that eventually I’m gonna make it / in a couple months, I’ll be rockin’ all your stages…No More Minimum Wage as yet lacks a drop date but, as always, fans can keep it locked for release details as well as the latest tunes.

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Written by on 11/28/12

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Ground Flow Communications, Inc.

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Batter Up" (2010)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs

Idasa Tariq


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