IAMNOBODI x Miguel - Sure Thing (Remixed)


Featuring: Miguel


Album: Soulection EP

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Overhauling a record as beloved as R&B hitmaker Miguel‘s breakout single is pretty much the opposite of a Sure Thing. That is to say, it’s a big risk. A German beatsmith who evidently laughs at danger, IAMNOBODI attempts to improve on greatness—or at least put his own spin on it—with his first Booth feature, a new song release off his forthcoming EP. Replacing Happy Perez‘s sultry synth boardwork, the Düsseldorf resident’s instrumental boasts a jazzier, more dissonant chord progression and a crisp percussion rhythm punctuated by sudden shifts in time signature. Feeling IAMNOBODI’s innovative take on the reader-acclaimed cut? Then watch our pages for further details and song releases leading up to the Soulection EP, which as yet lacks a drop date. Fans can, of course, find the album version of Sure Thing on Miguel’s RCA Records debut, All I Want Is You.

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Written by on Mar 12, 2013


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