Honey Cocaine - Middle Finger

Artist: Honey Cocaine

Producer: DKevrim

Album: Thug Love

Avg Rating: 21021 2.3 ( 3 votes )



Have you ever heard someone say, “there are hundreds of languages, but a smile speaks them all”? That (borderline hokey) saying usually holds true, but do you know what really speaks them all? A well-timed Middle Finger; which, along with her in-your-face attitude, might be why Honey Cocaine’s latest song release is likely to catch on around the globe. Backed by producer DKevrim’s authoritative, yet shrouded beat, Cocaine comes correct with the kind of braggadocios flow that you would expect to find in a song named Middle Finger, boasting about her own accomplishments and giving a realty check to all the fakes and haters. Middle Finger is the third cut released from her forthcoming mixtape, Thug Love, which is set to drop later this month.

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Written by on Mar 18, 2013

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