Hodgie Street ft. Jerreau - DOPE

Artist: Hodgie

Featuring: Jerreau

Producer: Tha Audio Unit

Album: The Go In: Part Deux

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Though we’ve only just met him, Booth newcomer Hodgie Street has a confession to make: he’s a a DOPE addict. No, not the kind of dope addict who’s hooked on heroin—he simply can’t get enough fly sh*t. On this newly-released album inclusion, the Columbus, Ohio representative fills listeners in on the terrifying lengths he’s gone to in order to get a fix of that good life, flowing over the swanky sample work of Tha Audio Unit. Fellow Swagaholics Anonymous attendee (and Fly Union member) Jerreau provides moral support on the guest tip. Now that you’ve heard Hodgie’s true confessions, are you fiending for more of what he has to offer? Then be sure to cop The Go In: Part Deux, the artist’s collaborative project with DJ E-V, when it drops Tuesday, September 10.

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Written by on Aug 30, 2012

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