Hinx Jones - Pump Ya Stereo

Artist: Hinx Jones

Featuring: Mike Schpitz

Producer: LONEgevity

Album: Frozen Liqour

Avg Rating: 43210 4.4 ( 17 votes )



Before you hit “play,” be be sure you’ve turned all volume knobs clockwise as far as they’ll go—as the title indicates, Hinx Jones’ latest single is intended to be played loud. (Disclaimer: The DJBooth is not responsible for any damage to speakers or eardrums that may occur as a result of following this advice). On Pump Ya Stereo, LONEgevity‘s low-frequency boardwork sets the set for dense, playful bars from the Indianapolis twosome, as well as Booth-approved guest Mike Schpitz. Watch for Hinx Jones’ latest full-length, Frozen Liquor, to drop before year’s end.

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Written by on 10/21/11

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Bringing Down The Band

Hinx Jones
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