Harry Fraud x The Internet - Better Liar

Artist: Harry Fraud

Featuring: The Internet

Producer: Harry Fraud

Album: CONS EP VOL.1

Avg Rating: 32101 3.5 ( 2 votes )



Ladies and gentlemen, you can click the “back” button right now, because this record is not worth your time. In print, that statement might have seemed mildly convincing, but if I had to repeat it to your face, I’d probably burst out laughing; bending the truth simply ain’t my strong suit. The addressee of Harry Fraud and The Internet new single is apparently no Better a Liar than I. Here, Fraud’s jazzy keys accompany Internet crewmates Syd and Matt Martians as they indict unfaithful significant others for their dirty deeds, and their laughably pathetic attempts to cover ‘em up. Released by Converse, this caustic jam from the Brooklyn beatsmith and Odd Future-affiliated duo is just one of many fresh cuts that appears on the CONS EP VOL.1 compilation, out now and freely streamable via Soundcloud.

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Written by on Mar 10, 2014

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