Green Street ft. Raekwon - Art of War

Artist: Green Street

Featuring: Raekwon

Producer: The Renaissance, co-prod. A-Rayz

Album: The Will to Win

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 5 votes )



As we learned on their last feature, the Brooklyn residents who make up Green Street are determined to get their shine By Any Means necessary. In an industry as crowded and competitive as the hip-hop game, that requires an intimate familiarity with the Art of War. On this freshly-minted single, emcees A-Live and Soupa get their Sun Tzu on, discussing their plans to conquer hip-hop over crewmate Renaissance‘s street-ready synth-percussion beat. Wu Tang vet Raekwon jumps into the mêlée to spit a hard-nosed guest 16. For this banger and much more, check out Green Street’s The Will to Win LP, available now for streaming and download on Audiomack.

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Written by on Sep 02, 2014

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