Grafh ft. Robbie Nova - After Party (At The Diner)

Artist: Grafh

Producer: J. Keyz

Album: The Evolution

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Following many hip-hop concerts or other big events, the crowd will decide to continue the celebration in another spot; that custom is known as the “after party”.  In Grafh‘s case, his After Party takes place At The Diner, where the Jamaica Queens native spots a female he hopes to take back to his place for, let’s say, an “after-after party”.  Grafh’s baritone delivery, Robbie Nova‘s pseudo-falsetto hook, and J. Keyz’ piano loop/percussion beat paint a vivid picture of a slightly run-down hangout that nonetheless proves the perfect setting for Grafh’s late-night plans.  His long-delayed debut album, The Evolution, will be released this April on Black Hand Management via E1 Music (the label formerly known as Koch).

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Written by on Jan 28, 2009

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