Gotham Green - RIP (It's Over)

Artist: Gotham Green

Featuring: JoJo Pellegrino

Producer: Josh The Goon

Album: Child of an Immigrant

Avg Rating: 43210 4.8 ( 11 votes )



Though realness is ostensibly prized highly in the rap game, plenty of fakes and liars manage to slip by without their claims being seriously examined. From now on, they won’t be getting off quite so easy—not if Gotham Green has anything to do with it. On album lead single R.I.P. (It’s Over), making its world premiere on our front page, the L.A./NY dual representative calls sucker emcees to account for exaggerating their street credentials, delivering his aggressive bars over the boom-bap percussion and fluttering piano notes of Josh The Goon. Blues rhymesayer JoJo Pellegrino echoes the headliner’s sentiments on the guest tip, mocking sucker emcees for their lack of real-life experience in a grimy opener. MaRika‘s tuneful hook vocals round out the package. Did Gotham and his colleagues kill it? If you think so, you’ll undoubtedly find more to like on the headliner’s Child of an Immigrant LP, dropping at a yet-unscheduled date in the near future.

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Written by on 01/28/14

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