goldenSpiral - Symphony of Wind & Leaves

Artist: goldenSpiral

Producer: goldenSpiral

Album: Waveformation

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Philly beatsmith goldenSpiral takes his stage name from a geometrical concept which I’m completely unqualified to explain. (On his official site, he asserts that it’s “a universal formula woven deep into the fabric of our reality.”)  Fortunately, his first feature does not require a degree in mathematics to appreciate. Anyone with a taste for left-of-center soul will be able to enjoy Symphony of Wind and Leaves, which features guest vocalist Milton (previously heard on Rich Quick’s Love Life) crooning cryptic, yet sensual verses over a lush, smoky mix of guitars, brass and syncopated percussion. Spiral’s Waveformation EP has yet to receive a drop date from Bungalo Records/Caroline/UMGD, but we’ll keep you posted on the set as further details emerge.

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Written by on 06/23/14

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Bungalo Records/Caroline/UMGD

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Gold Tiara" (2014)

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1 Songs



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