Gabriel Antonio - I Love The Way

Artist: Gabriel Antonio

Producer: Diaz Brothers

Album: Untitled Debut Album

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 38 votes )


Emerging as the newest double threat on the urban music scene is Diaz Brothers signee, Gabriel Antonio.  For his debut single, I Love The Way, the rapper/singer shows his worth on both fronts, using a little assistance from our favorite modern-day voice accessory.  In fact, Gabriel’s experiments with the voice box were so skillful he was forced to write a MySpace blog letting everybody know that T-Pain had nothing to do with the track.  Providing club-ready boardwork, the Diaz Brothers do not disappoint on their end, ensuring that once the voice box fad fades, I Love The Way will remain an attention-getter on the dance floor.

Gabriel Antonio Club

Written by on Feb 19, 2008

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