Future ft. Pusha T & Emilio Rojas - Fettuccine

Artist: Future

Featuring: Pusha T, Emilio Rojas

Producer: Lex Luger

Album: Invade The Game

Avg Rating: 10321 1.7 ( 9 votes )


Sometimes you come across a record, stare at the artists featured and instantly develop a confused look. For Future’s first feature as the lead artist on The DJBooth, I had that look. After pressing play and realizing I completely enjoyed Fettucine I can only assume that this masterpiece (is masterpiece a stretch?) is the work of an Evil Genius. More specifically, it is the work of DJ Green Lantern, the evil genius himself, and I must say the results are ignorantly amazing. On the first drop from Green’s Invade The Game mixtape collabo with Konsole Kingz (in association with Xbox and PS3), the DJ/producer enlists Future, as well as Pusha T and Emilio Rojas, to discuss their material possessions and the amount of fettuccine, gouda, queso, guap, etc, they carry. Produced by Lex Luger, Fettuccine is the type of record that’ll be played at house parties with folks standing on couches at every college campuses throughout America. And while you get your party on, be on the look out for Future’s debut album, Pluto, entering our solar system on April 17.

Future Pusha TEmilio Rojas

Written by on Mar 26, 2012

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