Full |REBEL| Jacket ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Purple Lights

Artist: Full |REBEL| Jacket

Featuring: BJ The Chicago Kid

Producer: Full | REBEL| Jacket

Album: the REBEL EP

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There aren’t a lot of rap groups coming from Arizona, and even fewer comprised of emcees originally from Alaska and Texas, but then again, there aren’t a lot of rap groups that sound like Full |REBEL| Jacket. For their DJBooth debut, Rebel Jacket slides over a world premiere in the form of new single Purple Lights, an emotionally strong cut that kicks off with yet more soulful vocals from DJBoothTV veteran BJ The Chicago Kid. With a slowly smoking, self-produced beat setting the pace, FRJ emcees G and Q give us a taste of the lyrical precision and honesty emanating from the desert state: “I look to the sky to keep me grounded / if your ego is a drug don’t overdose.” With a opening effort like this, I’m sure some legit anticipation will begin building on The DJBooth for the release of Full Rebel Jacket’s upcoming EP, the REBEL, set to hit the world’s eardrums on September 3.

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Written by on Jul 19, 2012

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