Full |REBEL| Jacket ft. Nikkiya - Higher

Artist: Full |REBEL| Jacket

Producer: Full | REBEL| Jacket

Album: the REBEL EP

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With their first Booth feature, mid-July’s pensive Purple Lights, Full | REBEL| Jacket set a lofty standard. Can G and Q pole-vault over it with the follow-up? Never say never. Contrary to its title, Higher doesn’t have anything to do with Mary Jane—though the crew’s own slow-rolling, sax-laced production sounds like it would mix well with a little THC. Instead, it finds the Arizona-based crew rhyming about their determination to elevate their game to ever-higher plateaus of dopeness. Nikkiya, the ATL fave who brought us SPEAKHER OVERLOAD, provides guest vocals. Fans will be able to find this cut and much more on the group’s REBEL EP, scheduled to drop September 3.

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Written by on Aug 21, 2012

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