Freeway & the Jacka - Combine the Coasts

Artist: Freeway

Featuring: The Jacka

Producer: Adam Sampler

Album: Write My Wrongs

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Hip-hop is more interested in geography than any other genre. In rap, where you are from is almost as important as your name. Often, we pit cities and regions against each other as a way to compare and contrast talent. On their latest video single, the Jacka, who hails from Cali, Combine the Coasts to create one powerful intercoastal cut. Though they hail from different regions, Jacka and Freeway sound like neighbors, showcasing similarly edgy, gritty flows. Freeway’s is more raspy and Jacka’s is much smoother, but Adam Sampler’s vibrant, unwavering boardwork, strong enough to accomodate two boisterous emcees, serves as the glue that links them together. Combine the Coasts is the lead single off Freeway and Jacka’s forthcoming collabo tape,Write My Wrongs, due out later this month.

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Written by on Sep 11, 2013

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