Freddie Gibbs - Executive Decision

Artist: Freddie Gibbs

Featuring: El Prez

Producer: Speakerbomb

Album: A3C Vol. 1

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 4 votes )


Indecisive people annoy me; the “well-I-don’t-know-attitude” is endlessly frustrating. Good thing there’s no indecisive rhymes or emcees on Executive Decision, just deciders (George Bush voice). L.A. native El Prez joins Gary representer Freddie Gibbs on a Speakerbomb-produced cut. The soulful beat allows Gangsta Gibbs to lay down some smooth bars, with El Prez backing up the vibe with a typically laid back flow. There’s no room for indecision here, just Executive Decisions. Off of the A3C compilation album, released today - speaking of which, be sure to check out DJBooth’s A3C stage, going down this Friday, October 7.

Freddie GibbsEl Prez

Written by ThroatChopU on 10/4/11

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