Freddie Gibbs x Vanderslice - Bugatti Bullet Holes

Artist: Freddie Gibbs

Producer: Vanderslice

Album: Everything's Awesome

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If you remember Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or any classic side scrolling, beat em up video game, this video will mean more to you than to the squares who are lost right now. On Bugatti Bullet Holes, the latest single from producer Vanderslice, slight modifications were made to the River City Ransom game for NES so that it’s Freddie Gibbs who’s handing out the punishment in the streets. This change-up is quite fitting since the beat is built around 8-bit effects and Gangsta Gibbs easily puts listeners in the tough neighborhood in which he grew up, where fighting in some form was the only choice. Bugatti Bullet Holes can be heard as a part of Vanderlice’s new album, Everything’s Awesome, which is now available for stream and purchase. Also, be on the look out for Freddie’s The Tonite Show LP, due out next week on May 13.

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Written by on May 08, 2014

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