Fred Knuxx ft. Akil the MC - Bring Back More

Artist: Fred Knuxx

Producer: Mellodic

Album: Delafornia

Avg Rating: 32101 3.5 ( 12 votes )


If the United States were a family, Delaware would be the senile, osteoporosis-ridden grandmother, while California would be the hip, rebellious grandson. Their brief conversations during family reunions would be mutually unintelligible, likely resulting in a lot of ‘what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about’ smiles and ‘when-I-was-your-age’ stories. Thus, you’ve got to question the logic behind the name of Delaware rapper Fred Knuxx’s new album, Delafornia. According to him, the album won’t be a comically-mismatched concept effort, but rather a symbol of newfound unity in hip hop. One of its lead singles, Bring Back More, features Californian artist Akil. The two emcees trade verses back and forth over a Mellodic beat, pledging to revive their art form. No word yet on Delafornia’s release.

Fred Knuxx

Written by on Sep 03, 2008

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