Foxx ft. Trey Songz - She Said

Artist: Foxx

Featuring: Trey Songz

Producer: T. Neverson

Album: Street Gossip

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 45 votes )


Trill Ent/Asylum rapper Foxx is as confused as any man in this world.  Joined by Trey Songz for She Said, Foxx wants to know why he just can’t have sexual relations with his female friends, without them falling in love with him.  (Foxx, if you’re reading this, it has something to do with the genetic make-up).  The combination of a Southern (Louisiana) MC and a Northeast (Virginia) singer mesh nicely, but the commonality amongst men nationwide is what makes She Said a truly unique song.  Not everyone can relate to money and drugs, women however are a whole different story


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Written by on Oct 07, 2007

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