Fortilive ft. Jik & Zo - Won’t Tell

Artist: Fortilive

Producer: Slo-Mo, Co-Prod by !llmind

Album: I Vs. I

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 10 votes )



We all know a few guys who can’t enjoy the company of a female without chronicling the experience to everyone within a 100-mile radius. Needless to say, this can cause some serious problems when the chick in question is (ostensibly) taken. Women who get with !llmind, Slo-Mo or Mushmouf, however, don’t need to worry about them spreading it around – on their latest single, Hawaii-repping crew Fortilive solemnly swear that they “Won’t Tell your secret” to a solitary soul. As far as their intimate details are concerned, on the other hand, they’re open books – over Slo-Mo and !llmind’s arpeggiated synths and vocoded backing vocals, the crew fill ladies in on all the relevant particulars, including their approximate measurements (“I walk and it drag on the floor…”) and notable bells and/or whistles (“I got pimp GPS on my d*ck…”). Fellow Aloha State rhymesayers Jik and Zo handle guest duties, lacing the beat with a little freakiness of their own. Has this banger left you begging for more (music, that is)? Released back in January, Fortilive’s Booth-sponsored I vs. I LP is available here for free streaming and download!

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Written by on Apr 13, 2011

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