FKi - Shopaholic (Remix) ft. Natalia Cappucinni

Artist: FKi

Producer: FKi

Album: Blue Steel Mixtape

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 21 votes )


Recession music is in the building! Atlanta duo FKi, made up of emcees 1stdown and 88, has provided us with a Lil’ Mama-esque remix, which has been burning up the club and mixtape scenes on the low.  Featuring the lovely Natalia Cappuccini, Shopaholic part deux helps GFC’s second-in-charge build off of the buzz of their Bronx general, Mickey Factz. Self-produced by the duo, the record is a great blend of house, hip-hop and Harlem swag.  FKi might lose a few points for sampling that sound from most of Jeezy’s records, but if you’re looking for something to toe-wop to, this is your track.

FKi Alternative

Written by Kevin L. Clark on 10/22/08

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