FinaL OutlaW - Final Outlaw Theory II

Artist: Final Outlaw

Producer: Levenkhan

Album: Final Outlaw Theory

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From Bo, to Travis, to Jesse James, history is filled with great outlaws. Well, after the dynamic performance he turns in on Final Outlaw Theory II, I think it might be time to add FinaL OutlaW to that list. As the title suggests, the record finds OutlaW presenting his theories on the hip-hop game. The emcee showcases an aggressive style and a knack for slick wordplay as he targets wack rappers and pretenders. F.O.’s no-nonsense flows are married to Levenkhan’s boardwork, which features a stark yet powerful beat fortified with occasional violin harmonies. While this record is not part of the project, fans can hear more from FinaL OutlaW on new album Unstoppable Love, released digitally February 19.

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Written by on Mar 28, 2013

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