Fat Joe - Ceilings to the Sky

Artist: Fat Joe

Producer: Kent Jones

Album: TBD

Avg Rating: 21021 2.7 ( 9 votes )


Just how much paper would Fat Joe have to collect in order to be satisfied? Imagine a stack of bills that extends through the Earth’s atmosphere, into the vast reaches of space, all the way to the end of the universe. So, infinity dollars, practically speaking. Freshly-minted street single Ceilings to the Sky follows Joey Crack on his endless quest to accumulate wealth. Beatsmith Kent Jones provides a swanky, string-sampled backdrop for the Bronx veteran’s high-rolling bars, and director MindMuscleCX offers a visual depiction of his lavish lifestyle, set in the streets of Miami. This “viral joint” isn’t part of a larger project, but we’ll keep you posted on Fat Joe’s plans moving forward.

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Written by on 02/21/13

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