Ernie Gaines ft. T.I. - Sip It

Artist: Ernie Gaines

Featuring: T.I.

Producer: Jklts and Younglord

Album: TBA

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 25 votes )


If you are a fan of T.I.’s frequent adlibs on other artists’ tracks, than you need to check out singer Ernie Gaines’ new single, Sip It.  Ernie’s got his eye on one special lady and plans to get her just a lil’ bit tipsy, and Tip takes the opportunity to remind listeners how hot he currently is (see our Top Picks chart for further proof), as he peppers the track with his signature Southern drawl.  As for Gaines, the dual ATL/Jersey resident has no difficulty shining alongside his famous collaborator, over the laid-back, keyboard-inflected work of producers Jklts and Younglord.  Once the listening public takes a sip of Ernie Gaines, they’re sure to want another. The singer’s currently-untitled debut has no release date.

Ernie GainesT.I.

Written by on Oct 13, 2008

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