Eric Bellinger - Dinner for Two

Artist: Eric Bellinger

Producer: David Wade

Album: In The Meantime Series

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Though Eric Bellinger failed to woo Boothgoers with Come Over, the sixth record in his #InTheMeantime series, he isn’t giving up just yet. In hopes that he can win readers’ hearts by appealing to their stomachs, the Los Angeles-repping singer/songwriter tantalizes the ladies with promises of a romantic Dinner for Two (in a manner of speaking) on entry #9. What’s on the menu, you ask? After lacing David Wade‘s upbeat R&B production with a sizable helping of innuendo, he spells it out on the chorus: “You can go down on me, while I go down on you.” Has this double entendre-laced ode to oral left you hungry for more? If so, you can stay tuned for further #IntheMeantime highlights in the weeks ahead and keep lookout for Born II Sing Vol.3.

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Written by on Feb 11, 2013

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