EnVy Hunter - Talking Out My A$$

Artist: EnVy Hunter

Producer: General Beats

Album: Patiently Waiting

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If rappers actually knew half of what they claim they know, the game would be a much better place. Unlike many of his peers, EnVy Hunter openly admits to Talking Out My A$$ on his latest single. Though the song’s title might suggest he isn’t a knowledgeable emcee, he most certainly is. Perhaps the record holds the title Talking Out My A$$ because of it’s author’s cool, cavalier approach. On the mic Hunter skates atop the soothing, sample-driven effort from General Beats, his bars easily flowing as if he really isn’t even trying. Keeping a relaxed, off-the-cuff vibe while surgically delivering tongue-twisting bars is no walk in the park, but the Houston native makes it look easy; the mark of a bona fide emcee. Like September’s Hard Knock, Talking Out My A$$ can be found on his brand new project Patiently Waiting.

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Written by on Feb 07, 2014

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